Girl with a doll


The airline took the child from the doll, demanding to buy a toy for the toy in the cabin

The Russian airline refused to allow a girl with a doll to board the plane.

According to competent sources, the domestic airline refused to allow mother to leave for landing, which was caused by the doll - the airline representatives demanded to buy a ticket for the toy. It should be clarified that the information portal deliberately does not disclose the name of the domestic airline, because of the investigation, however, it is important to take into account the fact that the operator has repeatedly appeared in the center of scandals.

It is noted that the doll was small in size, and in fact, on the part of the air carrier, these actions were, at least, not ethical.

This is the airline "Victory." With her constantly similar cases

Aeroflot, are you serious? Rather then S7.

It seems like throwing in

Definitely a victory even in the year nothing else comes. Insolent boors.

M-yes, it's a victory, and that's it. It's louts and rvachi for all rip off money, even with children! Is there no justice for them? Do not fly on victory, it's tough. There are already a lot of "positive" reviews on the Internet.

Vim Avia or Aeroflot or Victory.