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Airline "victory" will raise the prices of

Loukosterov "Victory" will raise the cost of air tickets.

As representatives of most of the domestic low-cost airlines, due to the fact that for the protection of its employees will be hired by representatives of private security companies, the cost of tickets for the flights will increase by an average of 2%, however, experts do not exclude that in a number of routes of the rise in price of tariffs can reach 5%.

It should be clarified that the leadership of the Russian loukostera decided to hire private security companies for the organization of the safety of their representatives after the incident occurred last week in the capital's Vnukovo airport when a passenger inadequate beat the representative of the airline.

Service of the airport? And why?

Who made inadequate passenger on board? The service of the airport, and why?

They do not know how to have money from people to tear off! Prices barbaric! More expensive than conventional airlines.