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The airline tried to force passengers to fly in a smoking airplane

The Russian airline has forced its passengers to fly 8 hours steaming plane.

As it became known to the resource, the incident occurred at the airport of Ulan-Ude, at the same time, as explained by the passengers of the Russian airline (the name of the carrier is not listed for a number of reasons), instead of the expected flight on the SSJ-100, the representatives of the operator were provided by the Soviet An- 24, due to which the duration of the flight increased almost threefold. Nevertheless, passengers indignant at this attitude of the air carrier still agreed to take off, however, at the time of the engine's launch, thick smoke began to pour from the cockpit, so the airline's customers demanded that the flight be immediately terminated.

To date, by contacting the airline was unable, however, the situation is already interested in the employees of the transport prosecutor's office.


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