Red Wings Airlines


Red Wings Receives 100th SSJ-XNUMX

Red Wings Airlines has replenished its fleet with the fourth SSJ-100.

The fourth in a row airliner SJS-100 Entered the aircraft fleet of the airline "Red Wings"Friday, July 31, thus, the information portal notes that the agreement on the delivery of the aircraft was signed in July, and in addition, one more aircraft of this type will be transferred to the air carrier until the end of the year 2015

It is assumed that the new passenger airliner will be able to start flying over the air routes of the Red Wings company within the next few weeks, while experts note that the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft aircrafts have proven themselves perfectly, as evidenced by additional contracts for the delivery of these aircraft .

By the SSJ-100 planes located in the Red Wings fleet about 25% of all passengers are transported, which is about 250 thousand people per year, which testifies to the obvious attractiveness of airliners among the clients of the Russian air operator.


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