STC "Russia" was not allowed to board the plane Ilyasa Nikitina

STC "Russia" took off from the aircraft Ilyas Nikitin.

As it became known on the eve of the day the man passed the passport control at the capital airport "Vnukovo", however, did not hit due to protests from the passengers on board the aircraft. This is due to the fact that Ilias Nikitin was until recently one of the suspects on the fact of what happened in St. Petersburg metro terrorist act, but subsequently it was completely justified, as their own came to the police for questioning.

In fact, the airline was guided by 17 annex to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, and Ilyas himself did not aggravate the conflict, and agreed to fly on another flight, especially since with the assistance of law enforcement agencies, the airline returned the passenger money spent on the ticket.

Balanced person. A hysterical passengers

Why avia pro published a headline? The airline itself is not rented passenger, he voluntarily left the plane because of the degenerate passengers

After reading this note once again convinced, how much the media can distort the real facts.
Journalists themselves prematurely informed the country that Elias is a suspect in the attack. Thereby caused panic among the passengers flying the airline flight "RUSSIA".
As a result of premature and misleading information aaviakompaniyu passengers forced to deny a passenger in the carriage.
Now ask yourself, "respected" journalists questions:
1) Who is the culprit of what happened?
2) What is the generator of panic on board an aircraft?
3) What should be the media?

today went on the bus% 63 it in Krasnoyarsk, on the bus going very early 6 am suddenly stop bus station comes a young man dressed in black, Caucasian ethnicity, and with a bag and stands next to me, my reaction was instantaneous, so I already near door stop, how flew to the Medical University God knows, to work more and go ehat.Nemnogo calmed down, went dalshe.Na work do not tell anyone, everything is already the third day of silence, experiencing due to the terrorist attack, the black run.

Scalded with milk, they blow on the water.