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Airline "Russia" has denied the information about mass layoffs

The carrier "Russia" denies the mass dismissal of their employees.

The information that the domestic airline "Russia" intends to lay off several hundred of its staff, appeared a few days ago, however, on the eve of the representatives of the flights shedule them completely denied, citing the fact that the information is false in nature, and no cuts in the near future It planned.

However, the resource clarifies that during a press conference with Vladimir Putin, employees of Donavia, which is currently part of Rossiya, asked the country's president to solve the problem of mass layoffs, and therefore it’s logical to assume that the airline’s management did have such intentions.

Do not press service of Russia (St. Petersburg) to dissemble and to cite specific figures.
"There is an active process of transition of employees" Donavia "the airline" Russia "."
Donavia number 1000 people. The number of Russian branch in Rostov - 120 people. Was 10 aircraft remains 3!
"Also, for employees," Donavia "open positions in St. Petersburg and in Moscow ..."
Nobody in DonAvia not heard about these vacancies. No they did not offer !!!
The press service of Russia (St. Petersburg), it is necessary to give answers to the treatment of real numbers !!!
In an address that's right! Press Service of Russia (St. Petersburg) keeps back of general phrases.
Nothing, after the organization of the office in Moscow (Russia (Moscow)), Russia (St. Petersburg) will also become an affiliate with all the consequences. :-) How many employees remain in the branch? (In DonAvia was 1000 people).
How many jobs to offer? Do you provide housing? A vacancy with s / n in 30000 p and homeless in Moscow or St. Petersburg - it is only to report "type offered - is not gone."
How many branch will give the tax in the Rostov region? (Donavan gave over 1 bln. Rub. Per year)?
What we have as a result. In Rostov appeared loukostery. As a result of the accident. When DonAvia flew to the Emirates it was all good!

layoffs will still take place, as the gap in the staffing table between the organization, carrying out an independent commercial and financial activities and a large branch. new monopolies do not need as many employees in the Orenburg and Rostov-on-Don



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