Russian Airline


Rossiya plans to reduce 300 employees

The airline "Russia" can reduce 300 employees.

The news agency has at its disposal information that the branch office of the domestic air carrier Russia in Orenburg intends to reduce its employees 300 in the near future. No official confirmation of this information from representatives of Rossiya Airlines has been received so far, however, it has been previously reported that the carrier intends to reduce some of its employees.

At present, the employees of Rossiya have already written an official address to the governor Yuri Berg, as it is likely that he will resolve the problem, since the carrier's "optimization" can cause a lot of discontent in the society.

I had to use the services of this airline, I'll tell you honestly, I did not like the absence of on-board translation of films and the flight route. From the words of the stewards, it turned out that Russia does not have a license to display films on board the aircraft, so how, when flying Vladivostok-Moscow, and the cost of one ticket 37 500 rubles, nine hours the passenger is forced to study the back of the seat in front of the seated passenger. High prices should suffer the passengers ?, and where do the controlling bodies look?