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Royal Flight Delays Flight to Cam Ranh

In Novosibirsk airport on 15 hours delayed flight charter flight to Vietnam.

For the current hour information agency was aware of the fact that the Russian charter carrier «Royal Flight» Flight delayed flight to Cam Ranh at 15 hours. According to official data, the departure had to be produced on the last Monday in 11 hours 50 local time, but due to a technical fault, the flight was postponed only for today, moreover, the problem did not resolve the problem, thereby, airline provided its passengers with a backup board.

At the moment, the transport prosecutor's office has been checking compliance with passenger rights, which the operator must provide food, drinks and a place of temporary residence.

At the airport of Surgut already 21 hour delayed departure of the charter flight to Thailand
For the current hour it is known that the Russian charter carrier «Royal Flight» Flight delayed flight to Bangkok on to 08.20 29.12.16, the Departure of the flight was to be promoted to 28.12.16g in 03 20 hours local time. The reason for the delay is unknown

Today 27.12 flight ak Royal Flight 7773 Moscow-Dabolim was detained until 06 28.12 morning. The representative of the airline to the passengers did not leave

Question: Will the passengers accommodated in hotels according to the rules of international traffic. On many cruise passengers detimi.



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