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Airline "Saratov Airlines" started flights between Kaliningrad and Anapa

The airline "Saratov Airlines" launched the Kaliningrad-Anapa flight.

The first passenger flight between Kaliningrad and Anapa was carried out by the domestic carrier "Saratov Airlines" the day before, and as it became known to, flights on this domestic route may be quite popular, especially since according to sociological polls, most Russians intend to conduct Leave on the territory of the country.

Saratov Airlines will fly between Kaliningrad and Anapa once a week (on Thursdays - ed.), And Yak-42 aircraft will be used as aircraft, while the cost of the flight will vary from 9,1 thousand rubles to 15,5 thousand rubles.

The profitability of using old Soviet machines does not stand up to criticism. On that and the price ... 10-15t.r.