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Airline "Saratov Airlines" detained flight Moscow-Penza for five hours

Flight Moscow - Penza was detained for 5 hours.

As follows from the data online scoreboard, last Saturday, the domestic airline "Saratov Airlines" postponed the implementation of its flight From Moscow to Penza for five hours. The reasons for which the passengers of the airline "Saratov Airlines" offered to wait for departure for several hours, yet remain unknown, however, the carrier's customers report that the airline has provided a backup aircraft.

It should be clarified that, despite all attempts by the Russian Federation aviation authorities to take measures to minimize the delayed and canceled flights, with each year the level of non-punctuality is increasing, and only a few Russian carriers can boast flights without delays and delays.

Explain the situation, flew from Kirov 7.09 with a delay of almost three hours, when landing in Domodedovo circled another half hour, late for. the next flight to 16.25 in Sochi. Tickets disappeared, I had to buy new ones. What can be done in this situation? Why did we suffer through the fault of the air carrier?