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SKAT Airlines has extended flights between Tomsk and Astana

Kazakhstani air carrier "SCAT»Extended flights from Tomsk - Astana.

According to official information, flights to Tomsk-Astana route have been extended up to 21 October, and officially the carrier has not commented on its actions at the moment, but taking into account the opinions of specialists, the information resource of became aware that this is most likely Is associated with a large need for these flights among passengers.

It should be clarified that this year the passenger traffic between Russian cities and cities of Kazakhstan has increased by more than 15%, which makes the opening of new route directions very acceptable both for Russian air carriers and for Kazakhstan airlines. Experts do not exclude that in the 2016 year, the number of routes from Russia to Kazakhstan will increase by 5-7 new routes, which will lead to an increase in passenger traffic by 30-40%, bringing additional profit to carriers.


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