Airline TAP Portugal


Airline "TAP Portugal" buys the Airbus 53

The Portuguese airline TAP Portugal will purchase 53 passenger Airbus aircraft.

Of the officially published information, portal editorial board became aware of the fact that the current owners of the airline decided on the improvement of the fleet, in particular, according to the agreement, the air carrier will receive 14 widebody airliner Airbus A330-900neo, 15 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320neo and 24 Airbus airliner A321neo.

According to official data, the total amount of the transaction amounted to almost 8,6 billion, however, exactly when the aircraft will be transferred to the air carrier «TAP Portugal», currently remains unknown.

It should be noted that earlier the Portuguese airline was a national carrier, however, later it was privatized, and at the moment the activity of this air operator is being optimized.