Transaero Airlines


Airline "Transaero" can resume its activities

News of the "restart" airline "Transaero" has led to a sharp rise in shares.

Over the past day, according to the news, shares of airline "Transaero" almost doubled - the initial price of one share at the opening of 30 trading in June was 4 rubles 99 kopecks, however, already at 19 hours 39 minutes of the same day the price of one share reached 9 rubles 89 kopecks.

In fact, the restoration of the airline "Transaero" can bring a number of prospects for the domestic civil aviation, however, experts believe that, taking into account the crisis situation it will be very problematic.

Among other things, experts have suggested that the current news everyday only rumors designed to dramatically improve the value of the shares with a view to their implementation.