Transaero Airlines


Transaero Airlines cuts fares for its flights

Transaero Airlines has reduced the cost of air tickets on the Moscow-Magadan route.

As noted by the leadership of the airline "Transaero"A few weeks ago, the priority direction of its development in 2015 year will be holding, as well as reducing the cost of air travel on several air routes. Thanks to a reduction in the tariff for the Moscow-Magadan-Moscow route by 5% for economy-class passengers, the air carrier intends to attract more customers, and as experts in the field say, this can help air operators get out of financial difficulties.

It is assumed that the airline "Transaero" reduce the cost of air travel for a few more of his in routing that will help provide her a better competitiveness, while most of the other airlines only increases the cost of their services.

Tomorrow morning run to take time! Only not 50%, and then the whole region will fly away.



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