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Transaero Airlines reduced its debts by 30%

Airline "Transaero"For half a year has reduced its net debt by almost 30%.

Currently, Transaero's debt is 8,57 billion rubles, which in turn indicates a successful recovery of the activities of this Russian airline. Information portal notes that earlier, at the end of 2014, there were rumors that the aircraft operator might be bankrupt, however, thanks to the optimization of operations and the refusal of unprofitable routing directions, the airline managed to establish a good passenger traffic despite the crisis for all civil aviation. time and lack of tourist flow as such.

It should be noted that compared to the previous reporting period, the earnings of the air carrier for one passenger-kilometer increased substantially, amounting to about 19%, while prices for most air routes are among the lowest in the whole of Russia.

To date, the airline "Transaero" is the only Russian airline, which was able to overcome serious financial difficulties.


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