Ural Airlines


Ural Airlines introduces a reduced tariff for flights to Yerevan

The airline "Ural Airlines" reduced prices from Ekaterinburg - Yerevan.

The introduction of a special reduced tariff will not only increase passenger flow in the current direction, but will also ensure maximum loading of aircraft, which in turn will increase the profitability of the air carrier. As it became known to the information portal Avia.pro, starting from 22 September, the cost of air travel on the route Yekaterinburg-Yerevan and back will be from 263 euro, which in turn is much lower than the cost of air tickets at the moment.

Experts suggest that the creation of comfortable conditions for passengers in the midst of the velvet season will maximize passenger turnover in the current air direction, in addition, taking into account the latest trends, Russians are increasingly sent to rest in the near abroad, which means that the leadership of the airline "Urals The airline has chosen the right development strategy.


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