Ural Airlines


Ural Airlines delays flight from Chelyabinsk for more than 5 hours

About 140 passengers can fly from Chelyabinsk to Moscow because of flight delays.

According to passengers, addressed to the editor of news agency Avia.pro, Russian airline "Ural Airlines" to delay the flight to Moscow more than 5 hours - the flight was scheduled for 6 40 hours, minutes, however, as reported by the representatives of the domestic airline passengers, the aircraft can fly only 12 hours of the day, which naturally causes a lot of inconvenience to customers airlines.

In turn, passengers are at present in the Chelyabinsk airport Balandin, Note that the air carrier provided them with everything necessary, in particular food and water, but the details of the delay occurred officially by the representatives of the airline "Ural Airlines" were not commented.

According to some reports, the cause of the long delay of the departure on the Chelyabinsk - Moscow route was a technical malfunction of the aircraft, which is why the aircraft could not arrive at the appointed time.


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