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VIM-Avia Airlines delayed flight from Sochi to Moscow

The airline "VIM-Avia" delayed departure flight Sochi - Moscow due to a crack in the glass plane.

This morning information and news agency became known that the airline "VIM-Avia" was forced to postpone the departure from the Sochi airport in Moscow because of the appearance of a crack in the windshield of the aircraft. As a result of the accident, at Sochi airport has accumulated more than 220 passengers, which, however, representatives of the airline placed in the hotel - in the words themselves hostage situation airline announced its intention to provide passengers the opportunity to fly in the intended direction already this morning.

It is necessary to clarify that a few days ago, the airline "VIM-Avia" detained in the Moscow airport Domodedovo flight execution, which led to mass protests among the passengers.

Not flight and flights. In Moscow alone, more than 600 people, and even 4 flight canceled. And it is for 1 day!

Tourists in hotels is not settled. And they brought and brought again and again! Our tourists from TO Biblio Globus brought to the airport in 06-00ch. More than 7 hours, passengers with children are in the airport.



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