VIM-Avia Airline


The airline "VIM-Avia" closed flights from Vladivostok to Moscow and Khabarovsk

The carrier "VIM-Avia" ceased to perform flights from Vladivostok to Moscow and Khabarovsk.

The airline "VIM-Avia" has decided to abolish the recently launched flights due to low demand for flights on this route directions. Representatives of the airline "VIM-Avia" argue that the passengers who have already purchased tickets for passenger flights are either completely recover their money, or else, passenger transportation aircraft will be carried out by other companies.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that recently the time the airline "VIM-Avia" closely monitors the effectiveness of its passenger traffic that allows it to receive maximum profit from ongoing activities.

Perhaps the reason is the airline? As far as I know, this airline or shine nor its comfort for passengers or their punktualnostyu.Prakticheski all flights are operated with long delays, and as a consequence opazdaniem passengers on connecting flights.

Surely out what a problem with the plane ...