VIM-Avia Airline


VIM-Avia will purchase new aircraft

The airline "VIM-Avia" announced the purchase of new aircraft.

Due to the complicated situation, the Russian carrier VIM-Avia has decided to purchase several aircraft, which will not only minimize the long delays in the future, but will also enable the airline to expand its route network.

It is reported that last week a new airliner, Boeing 777-300, appeared in the aircraft fleet of VIM-Avia, but most likely, its availability will be insufficient, which is why it was decided to enter into a contract for the purchase of additional Aircraft.

It is necessary to clarify that earlier the carrier VIM-Avia had decided to reduce the charter program for the summer of 2017.

What kind of "capitalism" is in our country? , there is a demand, there are natural resources, a lot of unemployed - we buy abroad, who needs it?

Though 10 aircraft. With them never !!