Yamal Airlines


Yamal Airlines leases 25 SSJ-100 aircraft

The state leasing company will provide the airline "Yamal»25 passenger airliners SSJ-100.

The agreement on the fact of renting 25 aircraft SJS-100 was achieved on the eve, as part of the MAKS-2015 international air show, while, according to data from Avia.pro news agency, the aircraft will be handed over to Yamal Airlines as soon as possible by the end of this year.

The terms of the transaction and the amount of the agreement have not been officially commented at the moment, however, it is expected that these data will appear immediately during the signing of the agreement. Currently, there is information that the lease term for SSJ-100 passenger aircraft will be 12 years (144 months - approx. Ed.), And, as Yamal management expects, the new airliners will allow for the efficient operation of one of the country's largest air carriers .


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