Airline UTair


UTair Airlines cancels dozens of flights

UTair Aviation cancels flights to 7 destinations.

It became known that one of the largest air carriers of the Russian Federation, the airline "UTair"Cancels flights on 7 main destinations, in particular flights from Moscow to Kazan, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Omsk, Volgograd and Arkhangelsk. Literally on the eve of the leadership of the airline "UTair" promulgated information About the fact that flights from Moscow to Yekaterinburg will also not be performed.

As experts note, the main reason for the cancellation of flights is their unprofitability and insufficient demand among passengers. Among other things, earlier information also appeared that the air carrier in 2015 year is going to liquidate all of its unprofitable air operations, leaving only those that actually bring in revenue.

It is assumed that the cancellation of flights is temporary, and in particular, flights can be resumed already in the spring-summer schedule.


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