UTair Rebranding Airlines


The airline "UTair" introduced the aircraft in a new livery

UTair started rebranding.

As the press service of the domestic air carrier UTair reports, the airline intends to completely repaint all its planes by the end of 2018, which is due to the rebranding procedure. The passenger liner Boeing 737-800 was the first to try on a new livery, and, in the opinion of both specialists and ordinary passengers, the new aircraft looks much better.

UTair Aviation is today one of the largest air carriers on the territory of the Russian Federation, which actively develops its route network and improves the quality of services provided to passengers.

This year, UTair air carrier demonstrated excellent results of its activity, increasing the volume of transported passengers.

I do not see the point of rebranding - it's a feast during the plague. Looks like the plane is almost exactly the same, but the money is in the bud from their poor office ....

"the new plane looks much better" that's for sure! and the sides of the yteira were as ancient as a mammoth and will remain! I will never forget that feeling when I boarded the plane and went along the ladder watching a huge number of patches on the fuselage, and which was a wavy wing ... as if dubstep or tat were dancing on it. dance ...