The airline Aero YUVT


The airline "UVT Aero" opens a flight Kazan - Chelyabinsk

Airline "YUVT Aero»Plans to open flights between Kazan and Chelyabinsk.

Currently, the official schedule at the air carrier is not, however, according to the news agency, flights on the route Kazan - Chelyabinsk can begin to be implemented from next week. As flights to existing destinations, air travel between Kazan and Chelyabinsk will be carried on passenger planes Bombardier CRJ 200Total seating capacity in 50 people.

It is worth noting that less than three weeks have passed since the launch of the first flight of the new Tatarstan air carrier YuVT Aero, however, the airline’s management has shown its firm intention to ensure the maximum profitability for the aircraft operator with the corresponding maximum efficiency of the flights. Only over the past week, two new flights appeared in the airline's schedule, and by the end of this year, YuVT Aero intends to open some more highly popular air routes.


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