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Turukhan Airlines fined for canceling flight

Krasnoyarsk airline "Turuhan" fined for flight delay.

During a special investigation, Tomsk transport prosecutor's office came to the conclusion that the domestic air carrier "Turuhan" canceled his passenger flight from Tomsk to Krasnoyarsk without any valid reason, which gave customers the air carrier is very significant problems.

It is noted that the court decision, "Turuhan" Airlines have to pay a fine of 100 thousand rubles, thus, the information and news portal remain unknown yourself the reasons why the company management has come to the necessity of a flight cancellation, tickets for which were sold in advance .

Thanks to Valery, a good article!
I very much hope that the new Russian aircraft will occupy a niche in the narrow-body segment at least CIS countries, South America and in some East Asian countries.



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