An aircraft-140


Aviakor stops production of An-140 aircraft

Russia will stop collecting airplanes An-140 because of disagreements with the Ukrainian partners.

According to information received by, an aviation resource, the Samara aircraft building plant “Aviacor»Suspends the production of An-140 aircraft due to the lack of components from the Ukrainian partners. It is possible that in the future the assembly of aircraft may be resumed, but this will primarily depend either on the timing of the start of supply of components, or after the production of our own components, which will allow replacing imported ones.

In view of the fact that the project of the An-140 is Russian-Ukrainian, experts do not exclude that most of the components will be produced in Russia in the next year, while it is noted that in all likelihood the absence of parts for assembly is associated with the suspension of Ukrainian Aircraft construction enterprises, and not with possible sanctions, as was also stated.


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