Aircraft Carrier Storm


Aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy will be equipped with Prometheus S-500 systems

The latest Russian aircraft carrier “Storm” will be equipped with S-500 “Prometey” air defense / missile defense systems.

The Russian aircraft carrier of the 23000 Storm project, which is planned to be adopted by the Russian Navy in the next decade, will receive the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system capable of hitting all existing types of aerodynamic and ballistic targets, detecting the latter at distances up to 800 kilometers. This will make the Russian aircraft carrier truly invincible, since any attack on it will be suppressed for hundreds of kilometers.

“Earlier it was reported that the laying of the 1st aircraft carrier of project 23000“ Storm ”(“ Manatee ”) could be carried out by 2025, and that the basis for its aircraft wing would be deck versions of the Su-35 and Su-57 fighters (Su-35K and Su- 57K). So far, such sources of fighter generation 4 ++ and 5 official sources have not presented even in the form of mock options. Tests of the “regular” (non-deck) version of the Su-57 are ongoing. There was also information that the aircraft carrier "Storm" will be equipped with the latest air defense system S-500K (SAM) "Prometheus" - a ship-based version »- This is reported by the military review.

Having received the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter and the Prometey S-500 system in its arsenal, the Russian aircraft carrier of the 23000 Storm project will simply become an invincible fortress - in fact, he will not be afraid of even hypersonic weapons, since the capabilities of the Russian Prometheus for this are more than enough.

"... since any attack on him will be stopped for hundreds of kilometers." - Interesting, but does the S-500 submarine bring down?