The passenger at the airport


Air carriers will be allowed not to provide passengers with delayed flights hotel rooms

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation intends to oblige passengers whose flights are delayed due to bad weather to independently pay for hotel accommodation.

At the moment, this issue is supposed to be put up for public discussion, and if he has adequate support, then most likely from next year, if the departure of a passenger flight due to meteorological conditions is delayed by more than 36 hours, then the air carrier will be allowed not to provide hotel accommodation to passengers.

The current topic is very hotly debated, at the same time, it is possible to find both support and a negative attitude towards such a proposal. In particular, according to the data of specialists received by the portal editorial staff, at present some experts support the current initiative, since in fact the air carrier is not guilty of aggravating weather conditions, however, on the other hand, this will lead to a decline in civil aviation in Russia .