Reduced fuel costs


Air carriers are banking on reducing fuel costs

March 17. Fuel costs have become too expensive for airline owners in recent years, and in order to reduce these costs, airlines are increasingly investing in more cost-effective airliners, a trend that is very evident.

 According to research, changing the fleet to more cost-effective models allows you to save up to 20-25 percent of the cost of fuel costs, and when you make frequent flights, this is quite a significant amount, which leads to the fact that airlines can reduce the cost of their flights thereby increasing its influence not only in individual regions, but also in the world.

The tendency is noted that so-called low-costers - airlines offering low prices for air transportation services, constantly update their fleet. Thus, a typical example may be such companies as RyanAir And EasyJet, which ordered the delivery of more than a few hundred modern airliners, not only differing in improved performance, but also with an economical consumption of aviation fuel.


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