Air carriers US film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life.


Air carriers US film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life.

US air carriers: The film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life.

09.01.2014 The loss from unprecedented frosts that have covered a large area of ​​the United States of America from 1 to 6 in January is calculated by local experts. The company Mas Flight considered that the frost "hit" on American carriers, taking away from them 1,4 billion dollars.

The evaluation was conducted on the basis of data nineteen thousand canceled and seventy-six thousand delayed flights 1 to 6 January. While the weather is warm in Europe, and even in Finland, the homeland of the traditional “Christmas”, the temperature on New Year was around plus four degrees, the North American continent set “minus” temperature records. The lowest temperature - minus thirty seven degrees Celsius - was registered for the new year in the state of Minnesota in the city of Embarras.

US air carriers: The film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life. 343

The greatest damage - Almost one billion dollars - will eventually on passengers. The frost detained about eight million people who had to spend money on food and hotels, and besides that, they were late for work. Also, the total damage account includes expenses of aviation companies for additional work of services on the ground. Moreover, not all of them were fully equipped with the proper amount of anti-icing fluid for ground handling of aircraft.

Santas have brought US airlines

1.4 billion dollars loss.

It is worth noting that the damage to insurance companies is not included in this amount, most likely it will also amount to a fairly round sum, since passengers are often insured against flight delay or cancellation of departure. Taking into account the fact that the insurance case is normally considered to be a flight delay of more than three hours or a delay in a connecting flight or a full cancellation of the flight. The insurance company fully reimburses the costs of soft drinks, food, and hotel accommodation.

In turn, the airline companies are also often insured against forced downtime of the aircraft as a result of an insured event.

Air carriers US film "The Day After Tomorrow" is embodied in zhizn.3443

Not to recall the plot of the film "Day after tomorrow, Filmed in 2004 year by Roland Emmerhom. According to the plot of the film, the earth is moving confidently towards a global environmental catastrophe: all living things in one part of the world are dying from drought, in the other - the raging water element is demolishing the city.

The proximity of the catastrophe forces a well-known climatologist trying to find a way to stop global warming, to go to New York in search of a missing son, in which a new ice age was established ...