Airport Cheboksary


The flight Cheboksary - Simferopol will be subsidized

The government will subsidize in routing Cheboksary - Simferopol.

Federal subsidies for this air route have already been allocated from the state budget, which, as experts believe, will provide the two air carriers operating on the current route with the most efficient operation, with maximum profit. Subsidized tariffs for air traffic between the two cities will start to operate already from 2 June this year, however, it is worth clarifying the fact that not all citizens will receive benefits, but only their special category.

It should be clarified that the new air route will have two Russian air carrier, one of whom will perform flights on Thursdays and one on Fridays, at the same time, in the first case, the flights will be operated by aircrafts Boeing 737-500, and the second - on the Yak -42.