Airline Izhavia


Flights from Izhevsk - Moscow detained due to adverse weather conditions

Airline "Izhavia" detained passenger flight Izhevsk - Moscow due to adverse weather conditions.

This morning the air carrier "Izhavia" was forced to postpone the implementation of its passenger flight to Moscow because of the adverse weather conditions in the Moscow Aviation Hub, at the same time, as explained by the passengers themselves, representatives of the airline said that the flight is likely to be made in 11 hours, however, It ruled out that in fact, the departure may be further postponed.

At the moment in Moscow's Domodedovo airport in largely the visibility deteriorated, which largely contributes to the fog, manifested due to temperature fluctuations. Experts believe that such conditions may occur during the week, but because the delay in the implementation of the flights may be unavoidable.


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