Krasnoyarsk flights - Simferopol


Krasnoyarsk flights - Simferopol will be performed in August 6

24 June. Getting there by direct flight from Krasnoyarsk to the Crimea will be possible starting from August 6.

Air flights from Krasnoyarsk to the Crimea will be carried out by the Russian company "Icarus"On type aircraft Boeing-757-200 220 passengers capacity. At the moment, it is known that 50% of places will be preferential - the cost of an air ticket will be about 5.6 thousand rubles, while ordinary places will have to pay around 11.7 thousand rubles.

It also became known that the flight Krasnoyarsk - Simferopol will run weekly on Wednesdays, but the representatives of the airlines do not exclude that in case the number of people willing to grow, there may be introduced an additional flight.