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The flight Moscow - Blagoveshchensk detained more than a day

The flight of "VIM-Avia" from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk delayed more than a day.

As the official sources, the passenger aircraft of Russian airline "VIM-Avia" will be able to fly to Blagoveshchensk airport only 14 hours 50 minutes today (local time), while the actual Destination aircraft was to be held even on the eve of the morning in 8 am .

Representatives of the air carrier explained that more than 24-hour delay of a passenger aircraft is associated with a late arrival to the capital Air Harbor, however, any circumstances that have not been disclosed.

It should be clarified that on the eve of the day it became known that in relation to the airline "VIM-Avia" passengers have filed complaints about two hundred, which is why regular delays interested transport prosecutor's office.


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