Boeing 787 Dreamliner


The flight route from Seoul to London urgently villages in Irkutsk airport

Passenger plane Boeing 787 Dreamliner Made an emergency landing at the airport of Irkutsk.

The reason for the emergency landing of the aircraft at the Irkutsk airport was the smoke in the cockpit, while, as news agency learned, the control of the aircraft was greatly hampered, which in turn caused a greater likelihood of the aircraft getting into a plane crash.

Nevertheless, the flight that followed from the capital of South Korea to London, still managed to land safely in the territory Irkutsk, While, as it became known from the airport workers, none of the people on board, including the crew, was injured.

At the moment, in fact, an emergency landing is being checked, while experts do not exclude that the fault could be a short circuit in the electrical wiring system, which in turn also led to a marked difficulty in controlling the aircraft.


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