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Turkish Airlines Flight Delayed Due to Bomb Report

On board the airliner "Turkish AirlinesSearched for a bomb.

The flight of the Turkish Airlines flight on the Istanbul-Gaziantep route was delayed more than two hours because of an anonymous report that a bomb might be on board the airliner. The incident occurred around midnight, while, according to the incoming aviation portal Avia.pro information, the search for explosives did not yield any result.

Only since the beginning of this year, passenger airliners Turkish airline «Turkish Airlines» mined at least seven times, including the day before the incident occurred, in this case, experts do not exclude that we are talking only of official occasions, and all of them can be much more.

It is assumed that false reports about the mining of passenger airliners come from one person or group of people, while the possibility that the "miner" can work in the capital airport of Turkey, as all the "mined" planes flew out of this air hub, is not ruled out.