Grozny Avia Airline


Grozny Avia flights from Bryansk to Krasnodar will be canceled

Airline "Grozny Avia"Canceled flights along the route Bryansk - Krasnodar.

The main reason for canceling flights on the current route was the low demand for flights among passengers, while according to the portal, if the passenger traffic in the current direction was very satisfactory, then the aircraft loading did not exceed 55%.

Flights from Bryansk - Krasnodar began to be carried out by the airline "Grozny Avia" with 16 July and assume that the following flights will 1 October, but because of the problems with the lack of passengers, airline management has decided to suspend the execution of flights.

Experts do not rule out that low passenger traffic may be associated with late introduction of passenger flights, it is likely that if the flights began to be carried out in May, the loading of airplanes could be higher.


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