Airline Buryat airlines


Flights from Omsk to Noyabrsk Strezhevoi and will be subsidized from the state budget

The government will subsidize flights between Omsk, Noyabrsk and Strezhevoy.

At this point in the disposal news agency appeared information that the decision was taken by the Government of that in 2017 year, passenger flights Omsk - Noyabrsk and Omsk - Strezhevoy will be partially subsidized by the state budget.

As the officially submitted the information to carry out flights between Omsk and November will be the airline "krasava", and on the route Omsk - Strezhevoy will operate the airline "Buryat airlines", in this case, the first of the directions of the planes will regularly fly with 1 May, and on the second - with 1 April.

Experts believe that such an approach greatly improve the air traffic in the country.