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Pobeda low-cost flights from Moscow to Saransk will not be operated

Russian loukoster "Victory" refused to perform flights on the route Moscow - Saransk.

Despite the fact that air tickets have already been on sale for quite some time, the air carrier decided to cancel the flights on the current route due to the fact that in fact, the Saransk airport did not receive an official admission for the reception and maintenance of passenger airplanes Boeing 737-800, Which provides passenger flight of "victory."

In the near future all airline customers "Victory" who have already purchased tickets for the flight Moscow - Saransk, will be able to get their money back in full.

The experts, in turn, is very surprised that loukoster organized the sale of tickets for the flights, without actually bothering to ascertain the capacity of the airport to its final destination, which of course does not increase the quality of services flights shedule.


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