Vladivostok Airport


Flights arrive at the airport of Vladivostok vybivshis schedule

Passenger planes arrive and depart from Vladivostok airport out of schedule.

To date, the Avia.pro information portal has received information that at least seven passenger flights have been knocked out of the airport’s schedule, in particular, as it became known, airplanes are delayed from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk. Among other things, due to the delay in arrival, the return flights will be delayed, in particular, it concerns such areas as Krasnoyarsk and Moscow.

With what exactly are the delays in arriving, at the moment it remains unknown, but according to some information, this may be due to delays in departure from the departure airports, although officially the current data were not confirmed.

Despite the fact that the aircraft 7 vybilos of today's schedule, most of the flights performed in accordance with established regulations.


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