Passengers at the airport


Flights to Simferopol enjoyed unprecedented success

20% of all Russian flights performed by domestic companies in 2015, fell on routes to the Crimea.

The development of the route network of domestic airlines with Crimea is bearing fruit, expressed in colossal passenger traffic and profitable for domestic air carriers. The development of route flights with the Crimean Peninsula is mainly due to the interest of the passengers themselves in this, especially taking into account the crisis time for the whole country. According to the aviation portal, in the future. 2016, and most experts are also inclined to this, the volume of passenger traffic to Crimea will increase by 10-15% compared to the current year, while new direct flights from Russian cities to Simferopol will appear, while prices are expected to be somewhat lowered for maximum load on passenger ships.

It is necessary to clarify that in addition to the latest news, the government began to think about expanding the Simferopol airport, the more that starting from next year, flying to the Crimea may start exercising and international airlines.


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