MAKS-2015 opened to visitors

International Air Show MAKS-2015 open to all comers.

As the organizers of the international air show noted earlier, the first three days will be devoted exclusively to officials, but starting from 28 in August, anyone can see the latest and latest developments of Russian scientists and engineers in the field of aviation and space technology.

However, the number of tickets at MAKS-2015 is limited, thus, the cost of the cheapest will cost 850 Russian rubles, but the organizers say that for that amount, visitors can see the air machinery, discover the latest innovate and see the demonstration flights of aircraft and helicopters, including the performance of various maneuvers under the supervision of such groups as the "Swifts", "Russian Knights", "Falcons of Russia", etc.

According, MAX-2015 organizers are confident that the number of visitors will be enormously large.


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