MAKS-2021 air show: five countries announced their intentions to buy Su-57

Five countries are preparing to conclude contracts with Russia for the supply of Su-57 fighters.

As part of the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, it became known that Russia had five buyers of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters. Such information was announced by the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev. Mikheev stressed that all five buyers are extremely interested in the supply of Russian combat aircraft, which probably indicates agreements already signed and contracts being prepared for signing.

“This is one of the best fighters in the world in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics. It certainly has various benefits. Here, at the exhibition, there will be a presentation to our partners - the latest modern aircraft weapons both on external suspensions and on internal suspensions. Therefore, we expect a significant demand for this aircraft in the coming years. Five countries have already declared themselves for this project. We provide consultations ", - said Alexander Mikheev.

Algeria may become a key buyer, as previously reported by the news agency At the same time, there is a rather high probability that the UAE, China, Egypt and Vietnam will become buyers, however, Mikheev did not provide any other details in this regard.

That's when there will be real deliveries and payments, then it will be considered. that there are buyers - but for now, just regular "candy wrappers"



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