An airstrike of a Russian concrete piercing 500-kilogram bomb hit the video

Russian fighter-bombers worked off attacks with 500-kilogram concrete-piercing air bombs.

At the disposal of the resource was a video of the moment of the airstrike of the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber with a powerful 500-kilogram aerial bomb designed to destroy enemy bunkers and shelters. Such an aerial bomb is capable of breaking through reinforced concrete floors up to one meter thick, covered with a layer of soil up to 3 meters, and eliminating all enemies within the radius of destruction.

On the presented video frames, you can see how an aerial bomb dropped by a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber quickly accelerates and inflicts an accurate blow to the enemy’s shelter. However, initially the explosion does not occur, which is associated with the characteristics of this munition, and when a layman believes that there will be no explosion, the bomb suddenly explodes, destroying the enemy’s fortifications.

BetAB-500 aerial bombs proved to be excellent in the fight against terrorists in Syria, where they easily destroyed even seriously equipped bunkers and shelters of militants of the “Islamic state” (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.), Which allows us to judge high efficiency of a similar bomb and now.


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