Fighter F-35


Australia criticized the American F-35, calling them idiotic aircraft

In Australia, American fighter jets and the F-35 were heavily criticized.

Despite the fact that Australia is one of the largest operators of the fifth-generation f-35 American fighter aircraft, these combat aircraft on the mainland have been heavily criticized, calling them idiotic fighters.

“A report from the renowned Australian analytic center Roy Institute showed that two senior Australian Air Force officials said this month that the Australian military made a fatal mistake in military planning! Australia is a huge continent, the length of land from east to west is more than 4000 km, and the length from north to south is 2000 – 3000 km. More importantly, Australia is surrounded by the sea and is a strategic center for maritime operations. The range in 700 kilometers is not a problem for European countries, but in Australia it is completely different. Obviously, if the F-35A is used as the main force, the Australian Air Force will fully return to the level of “offshore combat,” and the capabilities of the “sea battle” will practically drop to zero. This is a truly idiotic fighter. "- notes the publication "Sina", referring to information in the Australian media.

In fact, this means that for real combat, the F-35 fighters used by Australia are completely unsuitable.

They can only play toys with themselves)))