Finding MH370


Australia is confident in finding the crash site shortly MH370

Experts from Australia, hoping to find a passenger airliner Boeing 777, missing in the Indian Ocean, this year.

According to experts, most of the area of ​​the alleged crash site of the MH370 flight has already been thoroughly surveyed, and therefore, every day the search operation, which has become one of the most costly in history, is approaching the final result. Moreover, experts have already managed to find some fragments of a Boeing 777 passenger airliner, in particular, last year one of the wreckage of the plane washed up on the coast of Reunion Island, about a week ago, experts discovered another wreck near the coast of Mozambique, which may belong to the fuselage of an aircraft that disappeared without a trace. and in addition, today, according to unconfirmed reports, it was possible to find another fragment of the plane nailed to Reunion Island.


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