The author of the obscene message addressed to Russia in Syria was a Ukrainian

An obscene message to the Russian military in Syria was left by a Ukrainian.

According to the military journalist Alexander Kots, the obscene message left at one of the US military bases to the Russian military was made by a citizen of Ukraine.

“This, most likely, was made by their translator into Russian. He is from the USA, but Ukrainian. I heard that you are not very friendly with them. ”- said one of the officers of the Syrian Democratic Forces in an interview with Alexander Kotsu.

On the other hand, the inscriptions left at the American military base have an incorrect spelling, and therefore, such a statement raises a number of questions regarding the plausibility of such information.

“The message was definitely left for the Russian military. Nevertheless, the fact for which purpose it was made remains unknown, since the decision on the withdrawal of the US military was not made by the Russian side at all. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that Western analysts called such an act by the American military an unworthy step, despite the existing contradictions and complex political relations with Russia.