Azariha: Iran shot down an Israeli drone from Azerbaijan

Iran for the first time announced the destruction of an Israeli drone flying from Azerbaijan.

Iranian news agency Azariha reports that Israel is not only actively cooperating with Azerbaijan against Iran, but, probably, all existing terrorist acts related to attacks on military and nuclear facilities of the country were carried out from the territory of neighboring Azerbaijan. As follows from the material presented, in one of these episodes, Iranian air defense systems managed to shoot down a drone that tried to penetrate the airspace of the Islamic republic. As it turned out later, we are talking about the Israeli tactical drone Hermes 900.

"The Israeli military has repeatedly sent UAVs to Iran from their base in Azerbaijan and once we shot down a Hermes UAV in Iran."- reports the publication "Azariha", publishing a corresponding interview with the expert on international affairs Mustafa Khoshchashm.

Experts do not exclude that the strike on Iran's secret nuclear facility near the Iranian capital, inflicted last week, was also carried out from the territory of Azerbaijan, and therefore Tehran began to conduct very harsh rhetoric from Baku, threatening, among other things, with "thousands of strikes" on objects Azerbaijan


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