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Azerbaijan attacked a post with servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia

Azerbaijan attacked a post with Armenian servicemen at night.

This morning it became known that at night a group of Azerbaijani military men attacked the observation post of Armenian military personnel. The attack was carried out by a sabotage group of the Azerbaijani military. During an inspection of the post, the bodies of three Armenian servicemen with gunshot wounds were found.

According to some reports, a group of Azerbaijani servicemen entered the territory of Armenia, probably from the direction of Nakhichevan, and attacked the post with the Armenian military. The source reports that there was no firefight in this direction, which indicates that the attackers tried to hide their presence.

So far, there are no official comments from the Azerbaijani forces on this score, however, the situation in relations between Yerevan and Baku is very seriously aggravated. This is especially happening against the background of how Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced Baku's intentions to lay a corridor connecting the Azerbaijani territory with Nakhichevan, which implies the seizure of part of the territory of Armenia, namely the Syunik region.

At the moment, an investigation is underway into the deaths of Armenian servicemen.


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