Iranian troops


Azerbaijan and Iran are preparing for military clashes, armies are on full alert

There is a serious aggravation on the border of Azerbaijan and Iran, the troops are brought to full combat readiness.

The pulling of Iranian military equipment and heavy weapons into the regions bordering with Azerbaijan has led to a potential armed conflict. According to information available to the news agency, after Iranian troops began conducting military maneuvers using tanks, drones, multiple launch rocket systems and tactical missiles, Azerbaijan decided to aggravate the situation, bringing the troops to a state full combat readiness and pulling equipment to the border with Iran.

At the same time, sources in the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps say that although Baku decided to escalate, despite the fact that Tehran announced the exercises well in advance, the Iranian army was also put on high alert. This, in fact, led to the emergence of the danger of a potential armed conflict between Iran and Azerbaijan.

Baku is well aware that it is significantly inferior to Iran in terms of military power, even taking into account the fact that earlier Turkey declared its readiness to support Azerbaijan militarily. Any provocation directed against Iran (including the burning of portraits of the supreme leaders of the Islamic republic, which was observed the day before), can lead to real clashes.

people like you "well-wishers" a wagon and one cart, but Iran is only getting stronger

There are 40 million Azerbaijanis living in Iran. If Iran starts a war with Azerbaijan, Iran will fall apart.

Iran will get kicked in the brain sooner

This is just a pretext to start a war against Iran. Due to the threat of the completion of Iran's nuclear program, the United States and Israel are ready to attack it in order to prevent this from happening. Therefore, the Americans hastily withdrawn troops from Afghanistan and relocated to countries along the borders of Iran. A big mess is about to begin in this region ...

Iran is now making a Yao bomb and it doesn’t need a war, so when it does and even then it will not wage a war with northern Azerbaijan! but with your beloved Israel a question! The war does not start over such nonsense, there must be more compelling reasons, such as the oppression of the Talyshs, etc.

The attack should not be slow ... Iran understands everything. If not today, then tomorrow they will attack him.

Since the opposite side brought its troops to a state of increased combat readiness - the other side brought its troops to a state of even greater increased combat readiness ... well, well

scum at illiterate creation nikol, gave the Azeris all the dominant border heights and strategic roads of Armenia, created the prerequisites for a new war
Although why illiterate - he does everything consciously, the whole question is who gives him the instructions of the island state, I think the president

Not rain

Oh, and they can clear the chakras well ...

You will not wait, it will never happen, calm down and live with thoughts of peace!

War, of course, is bad. But it's time to put those who have gone too far. And then there is simply no limit to the impudence. Let's see how after that they will talk about the valiant army of Azerbaijan and the museum of victory, and mega air defense.



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